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Terms of Service

We do not take article submissions any more, further, due to changes in the search engines we have been asked by just about everyone who submitted articles to us to remove their links or make them no follow, so we removed all author's boxes from the site.

If you have spammed us so successfully that your links were added to the whole article, your links now stay in the article unless someone is paid to remove such links one by one, by hand. We now charge $1 each page we have to edit these links out, but we'll gladly pay the paypal fees ourselves. So please paypal $1 for each page you need us to edit to ebookbonanza @ and we'll do the rest (remember to place links to these pages in the casual of payment, or mail them to us directly).  So far, nobody ever paid us a penny to edit any links out but that's fine this request for money is meant to stop you asking us to work for free, or having to read your pathetic excuses on how your links ended up plastered all over some articles.

We do from time to time edit some pages, if we come across any spam links we'll edit them out as we always did but we won't go there on purpose, time is short.


An overworked and underpaid webmaster.