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Article Marketing And Its Goal

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If it comes to article marketing, it seems like many people just don't understand what it is really about. Simply visit any of the article directories on the web and read some of the trash that's posted, disguised as "articles." They are articles in label only, and more often than not totally uninspired and uninformative. This is article marketing run amok, where people who have very little curiosity in real writing figure they will just post a text string in the hope of getting Google's attention, a very doubting ploy. For such people, they have lost sight of the initial objective of the whole endeavor - or at least what should be its driving inspiration, anyway - and substituted as an alternative a mathematical monster of keywords and relevancy and text length and number of paragraphs.

No, gentle reader, article marketing is above that. As with many things in our world it appears to be, let's go back to the good old-fashioned selection for insight. Let us take another look at article marketing for our own edification, and in the method improve our methods and differentiate ourselves from the hacks, hardly literate and surely no intellectuals.

Let us vow instead to fight against internet smog, where every outcome by Google seems to be just mathematically manipulated rubbish bearing little information and even less attention. For article marketing was a prosperous promotional method way before its unlucky incarnation on the web.

It was, originally, virtually indistinguishable from real news back in the days of the so-called old media, the days if news media meant newspapers and magazines, television and radio. At the time, it was all meant in earnesty, all intended to provide actual info that is of use. Along the way, a quick mention was made ever-so-casually that promoted some business, the business that had supplied the helpful information.

For instance, around tax season, the local accountant would pen an article or even narrate a radio spot (or be interviewed on television) on changes in the law that may affect refunds that year. Or for Thanksgiving, a local chef would, again, whether in print or another place, supply tips on how to make the perfect holiday meal. And somewhere in it all would be a brief mention of the company or restaurant, as in, "Mr. So-and-so of Acme Tax Prep, Inc., says that...."

But most essential of all for our discussion, what was actually said or written was helpful and almost always interesting. It was not only informative but well written or well done, with expert production values. Compare that to the articles floating about the web these days that say nothing in particular, whose only purpose is to create backlinks. Such an article would never have seen the light of day back if articles were meant to be read by people instead of being scanned by algorithms for keyword metrics!

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